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Phase 2 — The Maintenance Program

Sustaining Phase:

Many diets fail because they’re just a short-term solution. After the diet, it’s easy to return to old eating habits and ultimately re-gain some, if not all of your weight. That’s why we have incorporated a unique maintenance phase, a distinct program where you’ll develop even more focused problem-solving skills to help keep your weight off. We continue supporting you for a minimum of 6 month after you have reached your ideal weight goal…but you can stay as long as you like until you’re confident in your new weight management skills!

Eating Differently for Long-Term Success

In the weight-loss phase, you rely on ChiroMax Meal Replacements as a key tool to lose weight quickly. Upon completion of your transition from meal replacements to adding better food choices to your diet and learning to create a healthy diet you can live with over the long term—you continue to receive support until you are confident in your new weight management skills.

Boost Your Confidence with Better Problem-Solving

Even with the best intentions, there will be times when you eat more than you planned, and your weight might start to creep up. Our maintenance phase prepares you to catch and correct these small gains before they become big ones. How? We’ll help you:

  • Continue to practice the healthier lifestyle skills you learned in the weight-loss phase
  • Refine your skills around healthier meal planning and prep
  • Build lasting physical activity routines
  • Handle social situations and temptations

A Variety of Tools to Keep You on Track

Keeping your weight off will be the hardest part of your journey. The good news is, we provide lots of support to make it a whole lot easier. Tools like the ChiroMax Calorie Guide® to identify easy calorie wins, extensive online resources, and support from a ChiroMax Health Coach are all available when you need it.

Choose the ChiroMax Weight Management Plan that Fits Your Weight-Loss Goal

Let's Do This!

Get the support you need to reach your optimal weight. Our dedicated team will support you every step of the way and help you succeed.